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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for this great project! It perfectly matches with my wishes and I think in future I will use it a lot for my new Projects and also implement it in my planned webhosting services on LAMP servers.

    The testconfiguration I'm using now is:
    Apache/2.2.14 (Win32) PHP/5.2.12 with MySQL 5.1

    I followed the installation steps of the documentation and everything worked very easy and fine so far. (after upgrading my Apache installation. My older 2.2.6 version missed the Gettext module, it's a fixed bug of the Apache windows binary's)

    Continuing with the 'Getting Started' section I ran into a Problem. The Toolbar(pb_toolbar.sys.php) in the Pagebuilder shows me only a blank html document.

    My php.ini "error_reporting" setting is "E_ALL", and I commentedall "error_reporting(" instructions out with search an replace in the complete radria-0.8.4 directory, but the Apache "error.log" shows only "File does not exist: [..]/radria-0.8.4/radritest2/none, referer: http://localhost/Provider/sqlfusion/radria-0.8.4/radritest2/intropage.hide.php"

    The "SiteManager/radria_error.log is empty" (where is it for?)
    The "SiteManager/radria_errors.log" get's following errors:

    On the Creation of a new Project:
    (FileCopy) - The destination File exist and can't overwrite it: ../radritest3//config.php uri : /Provider/sqlfusion/radria-0.8.4/SiteManager/eventcontroler.php referrer :

    Several packages, while adding them to a project add followin two lines:
    (FileCopy) - The original doesn't exist or is a directory: ../radritest3/mysql_db_remove.sql uri : /Provider/sqlfusion/radria-0.8.4/SiteManager/eventcontroler.php?mydb_events[100]=webide.managePackageAdd&eventaction=Add&mydb_events[9]=webide.fetchPackage&mydb_events[0]=mydb.loadParamsFromSession&mydb_eventkey=247f8ef8209b776c04bd59085b7b56d3 referrer :

    (EventControler) - The original doesn't exist or is a directory: ../radritest3/mysql_db_remove.sql uri : /Provider/sqlfusion/radria-0.8.4/SiteManager/eventcontroler.php?mydb_events[100]=webide.managePackageAdd&eventaction=Add&mydb_events[9]=webide.fetchPackage&mydb_events[0]=mydb.loadParamsFromSession&mydb_eventkey=247f8ef8209b776c04bd59085b7b56d3 referrer :

    I'm trying to find the reason. Any suggestions?
    Hi guys, I figured a bit out the code of the software.

    The first error comes from a bug in the lines 114 to 117 in "../SiteManager/events/webide.manageProject.inc.php"

    $fpw = fopen($fields["dirproject"]."/config.php", "w") ;
    fwrite($fpw, $configfile) ;
    fclose($fpw) ;
    $copyTemplate->copy($fields["dirproject"]."/".$cfg_local_db."_config.php", $fields["dirproject"]."/config.php") ;

    It doesn't make sense to write $configfile and overwrite it in the next line with an another file. (wrong path?)

    I think "$copyTemplate->setOverwriteDestination(true);" should be also added here before the $copyTemplate->copy.

    The other 2 lines are coused by one error, its only printed twice. They come from the lines 364 and 365 in "../SiteManager/events/webide.managePackageAdd.inc.php"

    if (!$cpPkg->copy($dbc->getProjectDirectory().$fileremove, $dbc->getProjectDirectory()."package/".$pkgname."_".$fileremove))

    I hope it's helpful for someone.
    Tomorrow I will look for a solution, if there is not already one..?
    Do I understand right that people are working with the same version of radria (0.8.4)?
    • CommentAuthorphilippe
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2010
    Yeah we are slow in releases and encourage everyone to use the version in SVN at source forge.
    or directly
    svn co https://radria.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/radria radria

    We are pushing improvement every few weeks.
    A release is due soon there is a very big gap now between 0.8.4 and the svn

    Also we have pagebuilder 4.0 in the repositories now. make sure you use 3.9 or 4.0 for the pagebuilder