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    I am in need of figuring what I need to modify to change the code for saving files to user associated files and/or database records.

    Example: The webideconfig.php file has a directory path called " ./projects/ "

    I am looking to redirect those saved files to user_id based association and it would look something like "/user_id/projects/ " or something close to it.

    I use a user_id as association in my sessions for some of the saving processes. This situations happens to be one of those few cases.

    Suggestions and/or recommendations will be highly appreciated and welcomed.

    Thanks in advance.
    I see in the configuration, there is a database connection. I would like to know how you'd recommend modifying the use of user records for the files in the database. I am still trying to modify the user's individual work to save for their access only.
    • CommentAuthorphilippe
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2009
    There is the drag drop product that contains a user management interface. (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com)

    Now in Radria there are none. What we do sometime is use httpd users and filter the project do display based on _SERVER http_username in www/projects.php

    The database connection is related to the project it self. Radria do not use a databases.