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    Mr Lewicki,

    I need to know how to go about a couple of modifications...

    ... how to modify or create a submission form to accept a prebuilt template from an outside source, import it, write as dragobjects and insert it into my database so that once I'm done, it reads it as a final edit for the final output.

    Can you please advise?
    I want to be more specific...

    I am wanting to know if the system will import outside existing templates and if so, how does it process them for editing? Drag and drop or standard editing style?
    I have tested every possible combination in an effort to discover a path...the current setup only allows for new template/website construction. Is that correct? Reason that I am asking is because if this is the case, it would be REALLY simple to build an uploading process to handle this new feature. I just don't want to do it if the script always covers that ability.
    • CommentAuthorphilippe
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2009
    We have some instruction to build site template for PageBuilder in Radria.

    They are then distributed and installed from the package management.

    If you plan to import template monster like of html template you will run into incompatibilities as its CSS divs only and the one that can be drag in the PageBuilder needs the prefix DRAG_type in the <div id="
    type is of choice: txt, image, text, script.

    If you can do those changes you can create a package for each of your template following the more advanced instructions at:
    Thanks for the tips on the links.

    So it is hard yet not impossible. I'm always game for a challenge.