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    • CommentAuthorLeon
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2009
    First of all sorry for any possible language mistakes. English is not my native.

    I already have installed radria succesfully on host server using the installation wizard.

    But when I attempt to sync to a database it fails.

    If I am right, this is a remote connection to MySQL database correct? I have done this in the past using an other program to connect to database remotely. I already have whitelisted remote ips

    I already have built a Mysql database create a user and filled radrias' form with these information!

    1) Database server: box#.bluehost.com or "shared ip" assigned

    2) Database Name: the name of the database

    3) Database Login: the username of the user assigned to database

    4) Database Password: the password to log into database

    I then check "Activate the Database Synchronisation"

    ...and hit submit.

    When I hit submit for the first time , a message showed up telling me that the connection was unsuccesful.

    Now I hit submit and there is the following message...

    "Your project Project is now open. You can use the tools on the left to work on it or install additional packages to your project. The default username / password are the same as the database access of the project, if you didn't setup a database they are admin / sqlfusion."

    ... But it cannot see the database.

    I thought it was a succesfull connection the first time I saw that message, and I even installed base packages for web developers except from the (sqldesigner 1.3.3)

    ... because I dont have a database.

    Do I miss something?

    Thanks, ....waiting for your respond.
    • CommentAuthorphilippe
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2009
    not sure whats wrong, I may need more information.

    Did you installed the phpmyadmin package ?
    if yes when clicking on it on the Tools list did it open and let you sign in your database ?
    • CommentAuthorLeon
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2009
    No I didn't install the phpmyadmin package!

    I only intalled Base Packages mentioned in the Web Developers section of the wiki: http://radria.sqlfusion.com/documentation/getting_started

    I am also facing with some other problems...

    1) Pictures are not showing into page-builder page. (pictures I upload and also the small images contained by default on top of the page-builder page )

    I have found the same problem in an other post here in the forums, but I cannot understand what's the solution.

    2) I cannot delete a project cklicking the red x-image. At first I could. I deleted a project yesterday, but I cannot know.

    Philippe please answear my question : What's the difference between "Radria" and "dragdropsitecreator"?
    • CommentAuthorphilippe
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2009
    1 and 2 seems to be the same problem.
    It could be a file system permission. Make sure the images are readable by the web server.

    Radria is targeted for the developer and technical users.
    Its the base for Drag drop sitecreator which is a do it yourself web site solution for none technical users.

    Radria and dragdropsitecreator share same components like radria core, the pagebuilder and numerous other packages.