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Radria Packages

Radria uses the same base principal as Linux distribution applied to Web Applications.

It is a small kernel: RadriaCore and a Package Manager: SiteManager.

For more information on RadriaCore check out RadriaCore Developer documentation.

Design principals

The Radria packages architecture is greatly inspired by the Linux package manager apt-get but for web applications.

  • One click install and upgrade
  • 100% in PHP
  • Secure Public sites and applications
  • Remote repositories
  • Databases friendly
  • Auto loading of configurations
  • Auto includes of HTML headers for CSS and Javascripts

Package types

  • PageBuilder Add-On
  • Radria Application
  • Any PHP MySQL/PostgreSQL application
  • Web Site Design Templates
  • PHP Libraries
  • Javascript Libraries
  • Radria FieldType

Current Repositories

  • Base Packages
  • PageBuilder Add-On
  • Database Tools
  • Tools
  • Development libraries and tools
  • Web Site Design
  • Applications for your Web Site
  • Web Applications for your business
  • E-commerce

Creating Packages

Current Package List

Package Name Description
Base Packages
field_color_picker Color chooser, required by PageBuilder
template Required to process add-on management in PageBuilder
pagebuilder Pagebuilder Drag and Drop site creator
tiny_mce 2.0.5 New HTMLEditor for PageBuilder 3.0
radria_runtime Radria Run time library required for publised sites without centralized RadriaCore
geshi Package for source code color syntax. Required by Syntaxhighlight
editarea_0_6 7 Package for Web Based code editor, Required by Syntaxhighlight
syntaxhighlight Enable Color Syntaxing in PageBuilder HTML, PHP, Javascrip and CSS source code
PageBuilder Add-On
shape_drawing Create rectangle images with round corners and gradient colors
mailto_and_form Create Forms in your web page.
Lightbox 2.0 Ajax image popup and browsing
podcasting Play your PodCast or MP3 in your website
GoogleGadget Add tons of cool gadgets, from google map addresses to count down, clocks, stocks, sport scores…
GoogleVideo Display google videos in your web site
YouTube Insert videos from YouTube in your web sites.
flash_video_player Play Flash movies (flv) directly on your web site. (no size limitation).
FlickrPhoto Insert photos from flicker in your web sites
RSSFeeds Display headlines from News or blog web sites.
magpierss 0.72 RSS library needed for flickr Photo, Youtube Video and RSS Feeds
javascript_menu Easy to use multi-level Javascript menu tree
password_protect Simple password protection for pages.
Database Tools
pb_addon_database Create Database driven Application with simple point, click, drag and drop.
report_template Report templates for database display and forms
contentadmin Standard Back-End Administration, to configure and manage your site.
db_browser Database Browser, to browse the content of your database
simpleforms Build Database forms in minutes with no technical knowledge
phpmyadmin Advanced Database administration software for MySQL
sqldesigner 1.3.3 Javascript GUI to design Database schema
contentadmin Password protected Back End to setup and configures the tools.
file_manager Simple and lite File Manager is used to download, view and edit files
phpxplorer 0.9.32 Advanced web based file manager
design_builder Web site template Wizard for Drag & Drop Site Creator
package_builder Step by Step Wizard to build Add-On packages
GoogleGadget_Import Step by Step Wizard to build Google Add-Ons
Developement libraries and tools
syntaxhighlight Field Type Syntax Highlight textarea Editor and Display.
field_date_popup Field Type Date Field with Popup calendar
field_text_suggest Field Type Ajax Suggest, text field with auto suggest values from a table.
field_color_picker Field Type Javascript Color Picker.
extraforms Field Type States and Countries tables for drop down list selection.
mailingtools Mailing class and email templates, to manage automated emails in web applications.
dojo 0.3 Dojo Toolkit, Javascript toolkit, includes Field Type Rich text editor
fpdf 1.52 FPDF 100% PHP library to generate PDF files. Includes HTML to PDF class.
dtree 2.05 DHTML menu tree, old windows explorer look and feel.
tiny_mce 2.0.5 Rich HTML text editor
magpierss 0.72 Libraries to read RSS feeds
geshi To display Syntax Highlighted source code in web pages.
editarea_0_6 7 Syntax Highlight Editor for textarea in Javascript.
Web Sites Design
design_blank Blank Design, perfect template to start your own web site design
design_business_classic Site Design Business Classic, for law firms
design_business_grey Site Design Business Grey
design_business_welcome Site Design Business Welcome
design_garden_wall Site Design Garden Wall
design_industry_pipe_spl Site Design Industry Pipe
design_kids_marine Site Design Kids Marine
design_restaurant_grape Site Design Restaurant Grape
Applications for your Web Site
drupal 5.1 Drupal content management platform
wordpress 2.2 Blog software, Wordpress 2
coppermine 1.3.2 Advanced Photo gallery software
zenphoto 1.0.2b User friendly photo gallery (Ajax based)
unb 1.6.3 Powerful online Forum software
CSLHv2.8.4 Live Help, chat with visitors from your website
emailmarketing Basic Mailing List manager
lilina_rss 0.7 RSS news feed aggregator to be displayed on your site.
phpAdsNew 2.0 Banner Ad software
Web Applications for your business
vtigercrm 5.0.2 Vtiger CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and much more
vtiger_customerportal 5.0.2 Vtiger Customer portal to give access to your customers to submit and follow up on trouble tickets.
phpwiki 1.3.10 General Wiki software
dokuwiki 2007.06.26 Wiki System specialized for documentation
netoffice 2.6.0 Easy to use project management software
dotproject 2.0.1 Advanced project management software
phprojekt 4.2 Groupware and project management software
WebCalendar Web based calendar software
scuttle.0.7.2 Bookmarking software like del.icio.us
tt_rss 1.2.5 Ajax based RSS agregator and reader
gregarius 0.5.4 RSS Agregator
flyspray Bugs and Tasks management software
paypal Enable Paypal payments
shoppingcart_sess Simple Shopping cart for PayPal
shoppingcart Database Shopping Cart
checkout Check out to collect and process orders from your site.
registration Enable users to register on your site and enable a password protected section of your site.

Wish List

TouTouJS JavaScript library. http://www.toutoujs.org/

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