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List Available CSS Styles in the project

This is very useful when building custom PageBuilder Add-On as it allows the user to select a CSS style from all of the available Styles in the *.css file.

Pagebuilder loads all of the CSS styles from the style sheet files in the includes/ folder that end with .css.

This field type will display a drop down field where the user can select the style he wants. You can then assign the style to any element your PageBuilder Add-On script will generate.

In the WebIDE when creating a new Field you will find this Field Type in the field type list as: PB List CSS Styles.

Example of Registry source code

  <rfield name="myStyle">
    <rdata type="fieldtype">PageBuilderFieldListStyles</rdata>
    <rdata type="label">This is the General Style</rdata>
    <rdata type="emptydefault">no</rdata>
    <rdata type="default"></rdata>
    <rdata type="css_form_class"></rdata>
    <rdata type="css_form_style"></rdata>
    <rdata type="id"></rdata>

Field Type Options

emptydefault if set to yes will show by default an empty entry in the drop down list. This allows the user to not select a Style. default you can set a style selected by default.

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