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PageBuilder Database Add-on


The following packages are required;


To learn how to use the PageBuilder Database Add-on we strongly suggest you watch our video tutorials:


Included scripts

Below are all the scripts with-in pb_addon_database:

  1. Interactive Data Display
  2. Interactive Multi-Select
  3. Display Table Content
  4. Display Form for a Table
  5. Data source: Detail Link
  6. Data source: Saved Query
  7. Data source: Raw SQL
  8. Display Data Field
  9. Display Image Field
  10. Next Record Link
  11. Previous Record Link
  12. Ajax Drop Down Search
  13. Registry
  14. Form Header
  15. Form Edit Button
  16. Form Add Button

Interactive Data Display

With this scrip you can display the content of a database table and optionally add editing capability to manage the content of that table.

Report Template

You currently have a choice of 3 default interactive templates:

  • Tables of records: Multiples rows of records are displayed in a table with ordering on the top column.
  • One record list: Display records with each field on one line, perfect for displaying one record.
  • One record in 2 columns: Display records like the one record list but in 2 columns.

Choose a table name

This is the second and last required field. Each display of data or view needs the name of the base table associate with it.

Or a Saved SQL Query

This drop down lists all of the SQL Queries created in the WebIDE under the Query tab. You can assign the query to the interactive display.

Number of rows to display

By default it will display all the rows in the table or return by the SQL query results.

If you want to limit the number of rows you can enter a number and it will automatically create a pagination to browse multiple pages or records.

Optional Registry

The registry object defines how database table fields should be displayed in a web based environment. You can get more information on Registries and field types in the Radria Core Developer documentation.

Display Form for a Table

Display a form for adding or editing content in a database table.

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