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Registration package


Every application needs to manage users. The Registration package contains everything to let users register, login and retrieve forgot passwords.


Its part of the E-Commerce repository. In your package manager slide at the bottom and in the E-Commerce section you will find the Registration package.

The package installation requires the mailing-tools package and the content admin is suggested for backend user management.




PageBuilder Add-on

The Registration package adds 3 Add-on scripts to the PageBuilder. You will find those add-on script in the Registration tab of the Add-on list.

To setup a registration process you will need to create a number of pages. In order:

  1. Registration thank you page
  2. Forgot password page
  3. Users page once successfully sign-on
  4. Registration form page
  5. Login form page

Some of those pages just contain text other will need Add-On.

Registration form

Display in the page a form to add a new users. Optionally it offer the option to send a welcome email. You will find the content of the welcome email in the email template table, the template is called regthank.

Login Form

This add-on display in the page a login form with 2 links to the registration page and forgot password page.

In the add-on property you can define all the different pages the users can go to.

  - Page after successfully signing on
  - The page that contains the forgot password Add-On
  - The page that contains the Registration form Add-on.

Get Password form

This contains a simple text field for the users to enter their email address to which their password will be sent to.

Allow Online sign-on users

Their is one script that note in the Add-on to put in the pages, but to include before the HTML of the page is output.

That include script is called:


When you include that script in a page it will block the access to that page. Only registered and sign-in users will have access to the page.

Sample pages

The package install sample PHP pages ready to be used. Those sample pages illustrate a typical usage of the Registration package and provide a fast start.


You can edit those pages with PageBuilder





This page is the password protected page. You can access it only when you are a registered user sign-on.

The protection is done by an include script.


You can modify this using the include manager.

You can make any page protected by including that script.


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