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Welcome to the Radria wiki documentation. You will find general information as well as the user tutorial and core developer documentation.


Ofuz API


Using Radria

Video Tutorial

How to

Extending Radria

Add custom features to PageBuilder, create your own Application package and custom database field type.

Radria Tools

Default Radria tools

Radria Core


PageBuilder Add-ons

They extend the PageBuilder features

  • Database: Create Database Driven web sites
  • Forms: Mailto and general forms
  • Shape Drawing: Create colored round corner rectangles with gradients.
  • LightBox: Small image gallery with nice Ajax effects.
  • podcasting: Flash MP3 player to embed sounds in web pages
  • GoogleGadget: Google Maps, Stocks, sport news, quotes, games…(*mashup*)
  • GoogleVideo: Display google videos in web pages. (*mashup*)
  • YouTube: Display your videos or friends video in a web pages. (*mashup*)
  • Flash video player: Display and play flash videos (flv).
  • Flickr Photo: Display your or your friends photos from flickr.(*mashup*)
  • RSSFeeds: Display RSS Feeds, titles with links.
  • Password project: Password protect individual pages.


They are reusable piece or block of an application.

Field Types

Field Types define how data is formated in Forms and Views, the most used field type are available in Radria Core and more advanced or interactive field type are available with extra libraries. You can also create your own custom field type.

Radria Core

Additional field types

PageBuilder specific

Additional Tools

Javascript Toolkits



Web Site related

Business related

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