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AJAX-based Page Builder
PageBuilder editing the Radria Site. We can see the contectual text editor editing the script for the download link.
PageBuilder editing a web page with database elements
One of the key tools of Radria is the open source page builder. Its an Ajax-based web-user interface builder.

Its purpose is to offer a user interface for creating web pages and application user interface from a web browser.

The base system enables the manipulation of web pages and div elements with additional features from Add-On scripts.

This makes it very open and easy to customized with an existing Javascript/PHP library or toolkit.

The PageBuilder is not a CMS. It reads HTML pages and writes back HTML pages. You can edit the source code of the pages created using the WebIDE and the PageBuilder will reopen them fine.

You can open them in your favorite text editor to customize the HTML, PHP or Javascript and unless you change the div ids PageBuilder will continue to open it fine.

Radria PageBuilder is released under the GPL 2

Base Features:

Current Add-On features: